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2020 Edition 


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Cecilia Paolini - Giuria Arts in Rome Prize

Cecilia Paolini

Art Historian and Curator

Cecilia Paolini holds PhD in art history at Sapienza University of Rome; her research fields concern both ancient art, with particular reference to Flemish painting of the seventeenth century, and modern and contemporary art. She was a member of the international scientific committee of the exhibition Rubens and the birth of the Baroque (Milan, Palazzo Reale, 2016 – Tokyo, Museum of Western Art, 2018). Author of books and scientific articles concerning the history of art, in 2019 she edited the monograph Venanzo Crocetti a Roma. Storia di un patrimonio diffuso (Ricerce&Redazioni). Currently she is a researcher at the Crocetti Museum in Rome and a consultant at the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education.

Roberta Cima

Gallery Owner

Always passionate about art, since 2014 she has dedicated herself to exhibition and cultural artistic promotion, through the SpazioCima gallery in Rome.

In the 90s he took his first steps in the world of art, collaborating with the Bosi Art gallery. After obtaining the Academic Diploma in graphic design, at the IED in Milan, he starts working for various communication agencies, also in Milan, where he lives until 2013.

Roberta Cima
Salvo Cagnazzo

Salvo Cagnazzo

Reporter & Press Office

Graduated first in Communication Sciences in Lecce (Italy), then in Publishing and Journalism in Rome, finally “mastered” in Intercultural and Social Communication Sciences, ten years ago he conceived and founded Uozzart, magazine specialized in art and culture. Today he writes for Gedi Digital, Il Giornale and for other periodicals. It also follows the press offices of exhibitions, film festivals and cultural events.

Romina Sangiovanni

Curator and Gallery Owner

Graduated in History of Contemporary Art at the Sapienza University of Rome, she decides to better understand what it means to put art into practice and enrolls at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in the Scenography section where she graduates in 2012 with a thesis on the image of the body from classicism to contemporary.

After working with some galleries and having designed independent curators in Milan in various spaces, he decided to open in 2016 Onart Gallery Florence to attest the world of emerging art, creating collective and personal.

Sangiovanni Romina