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Edition 2019


Finalists & Winners



As well exemplified by Etruscan vase art, we have always felt the need to represent stories of everyday life and myths; a necessity that, at the beginning of the 20th century, began to lose its primary function, remaining relegated to the new methods of visual communication such as Illustration and Comics.
However, we are witnessing a strong return of the narrative in painting, which places man, his daily life, his social and private stories at the center of the story. Figurative art is a world rich in languages ​​that, while on one hand find common ground in the use of traditional techniques, on the other, allow to obtain and show a plurality of themes, subjects, and expressions. The theme of the competition will therefore be the “narrative tradition in the contemporary art of figuration,” or the story of a personal or public story, a moment of life, or a current social fact that has particularly struck the artist’s sensitivity, expressed in a single work of art. Keeping in mind, the context of this modern narrative must be recounted, as tradition has shown, yet reinterpreted in whatever contemporary medium the artist chooses.


Lost Found – Story of a couple
Acrylic on cardboard boxes – 95×26 cm

Overall Winner 2019
Alessandra Rovelli

Four chronological works that narrate
the story of a couple in crisis summarized in the most significant moments:
1- THE DARK, the one that takes away the identity and makes you lose the reference points
2- IS IT FINISHED? Each in its own position but with the desire to seek the answer in comparison
3- START AGAIN, holding hands to overcome the uncertainty of the void to be filled
4- STABILITY is the balance between lights and shadows that are no longer afraid
In my painting I use elements that can be traced back to the landscape to which I attribute a personal meaning almost always linked to precise situations or to experiences of common life.
Painting landscapes on the front of the cardboard boxes makes the work ideally continue inside to be contained and preserved.
In the back of the box there is an opening window inside which you can read a sentence that summarizes the story told by the painting

Bright interior
Acrylic on canvas – 100×100 cm

Winner “Triphé” Art Gallery Prize
Tina Sgrò

The charm of antiquity and the contemporary structure of light as dogma and trace.

One of us
Gouache on paper – 40×28 cm

Winner “Icone Edizioni” Prize
Sabina Ficara

A film, entitled “Sun heart love”, tells the last days of Eli, a story inspired by facts that really happened to Isabella Viola, who died in silence in the Rome subway. An oddity: in the various titles of the film there is no mention of the real Isabella. Watching the film makes us reflect on the brutality and indifference that surrounds us daily. The woman was only 34 years old, leaves her husband and four children, worked seven days a week and had no rights at work, not even absent for medical examinations. I would like to tell you about a moment in Isabella’s life on the day before her departure. The scene is sectioned, as will be his very young life. Aching she rests, as she did every now and then, sitting on the floor under the counter, while the “Sad Reaper” comes to visit her, before stealing her soul. Dedicated to all people who have no rights in the workplace.


Arts in Rome Prize 2019 – Exhibition Photos