Edition 2020

Figurative and Informal/Abstract session

Salierno Grazia

mille forme per non cadere nell’abitudine 100×70 cm

In an absent and white space a body moves losing its shape. Indefinition makes it lose its traces and identity, fragmenting it into moments where it was and then is no longer. It changes in the time even if short, it arches and breaks because I live.


Vecchiato Marco

Untitled – Studio per figura in posa 90x90x2

My painting is an investigation of contemporary man and yet it does not tell a story, it does not evoke a dimension of fields in which action is consumed. Apparently nothing happens, on a completely white canvas appears a shape whose details seem vaguely recognizable. As in all my most recent works, even Studio di figura in posa, does not preserve a logical thread with reality but is born from the re-enactment of a generic being that has in itself the traits of today’s contemporary. The figure that emerges can only be allusive and partial, contaminated by error; an isolated body that, although deprived of its anatomical detail, lives immersed in the void. The emptiness of contemporary civilization! But no position is taken by the artist who in the gestural, in the graphic sign, in his painting, in short, leaves every conclusion to those who observe the painting.


Pistilli Alessio

Connections 60 x 80 x 2 cm

“iRenaissance”. Connections with one’s own self, with one’s own soul, with one’s own spirit, can take place through different means. Through one’s creed, one’s faith, one’s love…or simply through a USB key (in the form of a rosary) and an iPad.


Elgamal Yasmine

M’amo non m’amo 50x70cm

I’m working on a show about workers and their dreams.
The workers, recognizable by their hammer, work hard to their dream but never stop being human, in all the strength and weakness that this word represents.
Sometimes I portray workers in the action of construction, sometimes I enjoy ‘spying’ on their little gestures.
In this case, I’m going to show you two female workers trying to figure out if they love themselves enough, to the rhythm of white camellia petals.

Congiu Roberta

The detail 50×70 cm

In a suspended context, ideally reconstructed, the most realistic and traditional narrative is distorted; playing technically with the binomial photography / drawing Roberta Congiu creates fragmented images in which appears a world without setting references: Also in this case the combination of naturalistic elements – of the dry branches – is a counterpoint to the detailed description of the exposed naked body, aimed at something indefinite for us.

Celico Fulvio

Plastic waves 80 x 80 x 1

The work represents my perception of pollution by (micro)plastics, with particular reference to the contamination of water bodies. I deal with these issues for research reasons and, as often happens, my paintings express the most emotional and less rational part of the problems I face on a daily basis. The use of plastic, together with water enamel, was intended to create waves, chaotic, that express the theme of the work since the material used. The fragmentation of colors, almost flakes, represents the perception of translucent (micro)plastics illiuminate by the sun, floating above a dark, dark, anoxic water body. The chaotic (and unlikely in Nature) distribution of small waves and ripples expresses the sense of unnaturality of the painted scenery.


Giupponi Giovanni

Organic 70×80 cm

In the Organic series, the sense of slowing prevails. Even these works have a strong three-dimensionality and always refer to organic structures, which may recall the skin of a snake or a spine of some unknown being. These are always fluid and biomorphic forms.


Palazzo Francesco

tracce, segni, passaggi 80×80 cm

the work is part of the cycle “traces, signs, passages” and is a journey into the future, tens of thousands of years, in an intermediate moment between the beginning and the end of everything, where the human interaction-environment there will be no memory but that of a complex and wonderful stratigraphy of traces, signs, passages, of colors, of images imprinted in the terrestrial matter that only the force of natural events will continue to modify and to shape until the end when everything will return to a state of virginity and perennial grace


Pugliares Matteo

Eruzione 25x30x1,5cm

A tribute to the “Mongibello” (Etna) to define an inner path in which every user of the work can recognize himself. For the Sicilians of the East, the “Mongibello” is a kind of close relative, of those to which the blood binds you. The eruption are the dramas and sufferings that all men live without being able to escape, but to an image that superficially can be approached to destruction and death, nature teaches us that that lava has made particularly fruitful the lands that are under the volcano (pistachios, apples, citrus fruits). Thus sufferings, if well worked, create the humus necessary for the fruits of a luxuriant life.

Zianni Federica

Elastic reticulum 35x50x3 cm

Elastic reticulum is part of my latest series of works on nature, or rather, on the natures of the human being. The network of tourniquets hides the painting below. With this work I wanted to reflect on the symbolic nature of the human being, able to see beyond the visible, feel beyond the sensitive.