Edition 2018


Finalists & Winners


The Face image of the soul (Marco Tullio Cicerone – De oratore)

The portrait is one of the oldest pictorial genres that art history has handed down to us with a specific purpose: to entrust one’s image to a painting to oppose the advance of time with the preservation of memory, a sort of realization of the Faustian dream immortality, a deception halfway between truth and illusion with a subtle and vaguely disturbing charm.
In reality, the portrait is not only a pictorial genre, but a representation of the perception that artists of every era had of themselves and of man more generally, each according to their own time, culture and history.

Without going too far in the historical evolution of portraiture in pictorial art, the fundamental starting point in this Competition is the psychological key of the subject portrayed to fix an expression, an attitude, a pose that best interprets its character and l soul of it.

50x70 cm
olio su tela
Solitudine 50x70 cm olio su tela

1st Prize
Vittorio Valiante

50×70 cm – oil on canvas

Limited edition print of a work by Vicente Romero Redondo, numbered, signed in original and certified. Value 300 Euro

The face, the focal point of maximum and authentic expression. Emotions, intense and contrasting colors that are manifested from within through a simple and complex look. The mind is invaded by a gray atmosphere, insignificant compared to the repressed power of human energy increasingly surrounded and suffocated, until we feel unique and alone.

Il sogno
50x60 cm
olio su tela
Il sogno 50x60 cm olio su tela

2nd Prize
Stefano Cipollari

The dream
50×60 cm – oil on canvas

box of 30 Rembrandt crayons, Portrait selection with a value of 70 Euros + a voucher of 30 Euros to be used for an Arts in Rome course or workshop in 2018 </ em> </ p>

portrait of a young man, where the dream of life in front of him is translated and marked on the body as an omen of no future or hope

55 x90 cm - olio su tela
Estate 55 x90 cm - olio su tela

3rd Prize
Alessandra Marrucchi

55 x90 cm oil on canvas

a voucher of Euro 50 to be used for an Arts in Rome course or workshop in 2018

My son returning from summer vacation

Exhibition of the Arts in Rome Prize 2018